South Haven Christian Church is a non-denominational body of Christians, part of a great movement to restore the Church of the New Testament.


We accept the Bible as the final revelation of the will of God to man.


We receive Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior of mankind, the Divine Son of God and the sole Lord of the Christian life.


As a Church body, we seek to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom throughout the world through a dynamic missionary program.


We advocate the unity of all believers in Jesus Christ on the terms of the Word of God (Holy Bible).


We observe the Lord’s Supper for all believers on the first day of every week.


We allow for a maximum of differences in belief where salvation is not concerned.


We use Bible names for Bible things seeking to give them the same meaning as in the Bible.


We deplore all divisions in the religious world and seek to heal them by returning soley to the Word of God for guidance.



Mike Smith


Max Bowman

Youth Ministry

Sarah Smith

Childrens Ministry

Sarah Smith

Nursery Ministry

Joey Sita

Music Ministry

Deacons are
currently in training
Bob Wolcott
Chico Carbajal